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Introducing.................Gary Hirlehey, CFP, R.F.P.

Certified Financial Planner, Registered Financial Planner

"Becoming financially successful is much more than simply getting a better return on investment. It requires the development, implementation and monitoring of a long-term financial plan that integrates all the areas of your personal situation including tax, retirement, estate and investments. My role is to show people how to coordinate their efforts to get the best use out of their money. Studies show that people who work with a financial planning professional keep more of what they make, avoid pitfalls of investing and earn more on their investments.

My goal is to use my experience to provide innovative financial solutions that assist my clients in realizing their long-term financial goals with balance and peace of mind."

I work with clients of varying income and asset levels as a starting point to move them towards financial independence. By providing multiple meeting locations and flexible office hours I am able to fit into your lifestyle.

Credentials and Experience:
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation achieved in 1997
  • Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.) designation (a senior designation) attained in 1998
  • Level II Insurance Broker (Life Insurance Agent since 1994) for Life, Disability, CI & LTC
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Financial Planners since 1991
  • Experience and a high degree of knowledge in personal finance including Investments, Tax, Retirement, Estate Planning, and Insurance. In the financial services industry since 1991
  • Worked with some of the top Financial Planning firms in the industry including a major trust company, a bank, an insurance company and various fee-for-service financial planning firms

"I specialize in Intergenerational Planning, which is the co-ordination of 2 or more generations' resources for the maximum benefit to all. Additionally, I customize financial plans to suit the individual's needs for":

BASIC: Retirement Plans that answer the question of "Will I have enough?"

MODULAR: Specific sections of a Plan selected to suit your needs. i.e. Investment Planning, Tax Minimization

COMPREHENSIVE: Complete & Integrated Financial Plan to help you attain financial security

Seminars on financial planning are offered to assist clients of varying income levels across the GTA to meet their financial goals.

I live in Mississauga with my wife Heather. In our free time we enjoy kayaking, reading and impromptu adventures to enjoy the beauty of nature."

Contact me for a no-obligation appointment:

Tel: (905) 812-4279 or 1(877) 812-8234

Email: gary@balancedfinancialinvestments.ca

Web: www.bfci.ca

Fax: (905) 812-8485


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