We provide financial services to individuals in Mississauga and the GTA, who are seeking to develop, implement and monitor a long-term financial plan. Our plans consider all areas of a person’s finances including tax, retirement, insurance, estate and investment planning. We clarify your current circumstances, identify your objectives, and assist in setting priorities to achieve your goals.

Balanced Financial Investments is an independent financial services company and therefore able to provide unbiased advice with no selling pressure used when making recommendations. We believe that clients must be given the tools and the time to make the important decisions about their financial future.

We believe in long term, trusting relationships with our clients which provide peace of mind through the implementation of well-constructed and carefully considered financial plans.

If these are the types of services you are looking for - contact our office for more information.

Recent Articles

The Predicament of Sudden Wealth

Imagine one of the following scenarios. Suppose you have suddenly come into a significant sum of money. For the interest of this example, we will imagine that it is one million dollars.

Estate Planning Tips and Traps

Julia wants to make sure that her estate passes to her heirs with as little hassle and cost as possible when she dies. She knows she needs a will and decides to buy a do-it-yourself will kit.

The Advice Dilemma

A constant dilemma for Advisors working with clients to help them realize their goals and dreams is striking a balance between the tyranny of immediate current events with the need to stay focused

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